When it comes to personal finances, it is completely understandable that most people want their financial matters to remain private.  As such, a common question that people have when considering bankruptcy is whether or not their bankruptcy filing will be made public.  The concern about whether or not bankruptcy matters will be public has deterred numerous people from considering bankruptcy as a means of eliminating debt.  Bankruptcy filings are available to the public; however, most members of the public either do not care about searching bankruptcy filings and/or would not know what steps to take in order to access bankruptcy filing information.

Bankruptcy Filings Are Made Public Through the Federal Court System

Many attorneys and other legal staff members search cases on a regular basis, including, but not limited to, bankruptcy filings.  In order to find such information, a person would need to register and pay a fee, in addition to learn how to search the system.  This process for finding out information about a particular bankruptcy proceeding is not of interest to most people. 

Individuals and/or entities that may be interested in finding out information about a bankruptcy filing would be creditors and members of the legal field.  Yes, your next door neighbor could technically search your name on the court system and find out about your bankruptcy filing; however, this is a risk that should not deter you from considering bankruptcy if the process will enable you to eliminate your debt.

The Benefits of Bankruptcy Often Outweigh the Risks

The public nature of bankruptcy may be concerning to some people, but the truth of the matter is that most people will not be aware of your bankruptcy proceeding unless you tell them.  The benefits of eliminating debt and formulating a new financial plan for the future are well worth some of the drawbacks that come along with bankruptcy.  No system is perfect, but bankruptcy has truly been a successful debt-elimination tool, despite its public nature.

There are risks and drawbacks associated with most things in life, including the methods available to you for eliminating debt.  When considering bankruptcy or any other debt-elimination tool, you should weigh the benefits and risks to determine if eliminating your debt now is worth some of the drawbacks you may experience.  It isn’t always easy to analyze your financial situation on your own, and while many people handle their bankruptcy proceedings on their own without the assistance of an attorney, having an advocate by your side will help you decide what debt-elimination method is best for your situation.

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With the prevalence of identity theft and other abuses of personal information, it is no surprise that individuals are worried about who can access bankruptcy information.  While bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, most people will not become aware of your bankruptcy unless you disclose such information.  Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney Douglas Breyfogle truly understands that bankruptcy can be stressful and that you are concerned about how information regarding your bankruptcy filing will be shared.  In order to learn about how the bankruptcy process works, and whether or not this method of debt-elimination is right for your financial situation, you will need to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney like Mr. Breyfogle.  With more than twenty years of experience, Mr. Breyfogle has experienced a diverse array of bankruptcy cases that never present the same set of facts and circumstances.  If you would like to speak with Mr. Breyfogle about your financial situation, contact our office today by calling (913) 742-8700 to schedule your free consultation.