Many people believe that bankruptcy is only for those considered “poor.”  This cannot be further from the truth.  Millions of people with relatively high incomes have filed for bankruptcy and successfully completed the process.  While your income is absolutely essential to ensuring you can manage your debt, sometimes debt can still take over in life for one reason or another.

Yes, some of us might have been a little financially irresponsible as a young adult.  However, debt may be brought upon you for no good reason at all, such as unexpected medical expenses.  Or, perhaps you needed car repairs done and had to put the bill on a credit card.  The bottom line is that regardless of how much money you make, or how hard you try to keep debt to a minimum, things happen in life that may result in unmanageable debt.

Bankruptcy Should Not be Considered a Negative Experience

Bankruptcy is feared by many, and seen an absolute last resort when it comes to eliminating debt.  While bankruptcy is likely to lower your credit score, it is also the only way to start bringing your credit score back up.  If you ignore your debt, your credit score may plummet much lower than filing for bankruptcy would.  Because bankruptcy doesn’t have the best reputation, many people continue to try and make ends meet, but keep getting behind little by little each month.  Keeping track of your monthly income and total debt will enable you to determine if you are making progress in eliminating debt, or if you are only accumulating more debt.

 If you recognize that your debt is slowly growing, you should seek a debt-elimination solution as quickly as possible.  Your credit score should not be the most important consideration when determining whether or not bankruptcy is right for you.  By speaking with an attorney to evaluate your financial situation, you are taking the necessary step to put a stop to the financial bleeding.

Why You Should Work with a Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney

 Eliminating debt can be handled without an attorney.  However, bankruptcy can be a very confusing process as there are many rules that may or may not apply to your particular situation.  Do-it-yourself bankruptcy kits do not always answer the questions you have.  Further, working with a licensed professional helps to ensure you are not making any mistakes along the way.  Debt is already stressful enough without a pending bankruptcy.  As such, allow someone else to take on a bulk of the work in getting your bankruptcy filed.  This should give you peace of mind in knowing that someone else is looking out for your best interests.

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If you are considering bankruptcy as a means of eliminating your debt, you should speak with a skilled legal professional as soon as possible.  Many people are able to eliminate their debt without resorting to bankruptcy, however, we all have unique circumstances, and it may turn out that bankruptcy is the right path for you.  Even if bankruptcy is not right for you, by speaking with an attorney, you will learn about other options available for eliminating your debt.  Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney Douglas Breyfogle has been helping Kansas City residents eliminate debt for more than twenty years.  With a reputation for providing excellent legal representation and customer service, Mr. Breyfogle possesses the necessary tools and skills that you need in an attorney.  If you would like to learn more about what options are available to you for eliminating your debt, contact Douglas Breyfogle today by calling (913) 742-8700 to schedule your free consultation.