Credit card offers are very enticing when the store clerk says to you that you can receive ten, fifteen, or even twenty percent off your entire purchase by applying for a store credit card.  This is a very successful ploy that traps victims into racking up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in credit card debt that seems to never end with astronomical interest rates reaching nearly thirty percent.  Young adults are particularly susceptible to applying for store credit cards, as having any credit card brings a feeling of financial freedom.  These young adults will be kicking themselves in ten years when they still have balances on store credit cards they haven’t used for years.  A simple “no” can relieve you from future stress that you simply do not need to subject yourself to.

Don’t Fall Victim to Attractive Credit Card Offers

If you have already fallen victim to a high-interest store credit card offer, you already know just how much of your hard-earned money is being wasted on paying interest on a card you seldom or never use.  Having learned your lesson, you likely will not be saying “yes” to other store credit card offers in the future.  However, for those individuals who have not yet had the opportunity to accept or turn down a department store’s offer to save money on your purchase by applying for a store credit card, it is important that you take all steps possible to say “no” and move on knowing that you will have one less credit card bill to worry about for years to come.

The first step when purchasing an item in any store, whether it be a grocery store, clothing store, home improvement store, or any other store offering credit, is to use your own income to purchase the item whenever possible.  There will of course be situations where you may need to use a credit card to purchase a very expensive item, such as tires for your car.  In such cases, try to use a credit card that is not store-specific and that does not have as high of an interest rate.  In all other situations, do your very best to purchase the item without the need to use credit.  This will not only make you feel better about your purchases, but it will prevent you from undergoing the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck in the future when credit card bills are keeping you from moving forward in life financially.

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If you have credit card debt that seems to grow despite your continued monthly payments, it is time to consider an option that will enable you to make actual progress towards eliminating your debt.  Whether you have one credit card or five (or even more), the extremely high interest rates can make it nearly impossible for you to make headway in paying off your debt, even when you are no longer using the credit card(s).  Kansas City Bankruptcy and Debt-Relief Attorney Douglas Breyfogle provides a variety of debt-relief legal services to individuals from all over the greater Kansas City area.  With his skill and advocacy, Douglas Breyfogle formulates an individualized financial plan for each and every client, no matter how different or similar each client’s situation may seem to be.  If you feel your credit cards have won the battle, you need someone like Douglas Breyfogle by your side to help you break free from paralyzing debt.  Contact our office today by calling (913) 742-8700 to schedule your free confidential consultation with Kansas City Bankruptcy and Debt-Relief Attorney Douglas Breyfogle.