Being unable to pay a bill is a hard pill to swallow when you simply have no means of taking care of the debt.  Whether you have unpaid credit cards, unpaid medical bills, or any other unpaid bills for services you have received, if the bill goes unpaid for a certain period of time, you may start receiving collection notices in the mail, phone calls, and/or emails.  You may feel as though you are being harassed, especially when there is nothing you can to make the creditor happy.  One mistake that many consumers make is that they do not seek the help of a qualified legal professional who can explain how the collection process works, and what options are available for stopping and/or avoiding collection activities.  Without the assistance of an attorney, you may continue to receive harassing attempts to collect the debts that you owe.

The Collection Process

After you have been unable to pay your debt for a certain period of time, your creditor will send that debt to a collection agency which in turns seeks to collect the debt from you.  Collection agencies are businesses in their own right, because when they are assigned debts, they receive a fee for their services, and this is a motivating factor behind the aggressive nature of collection agencies.  When they have money at risk, they will do anything within their power to collect the debt from you.  Regardless of whether or not the collection agency is ultimately able to collect from you, you could end up with a tarnished credit report that could make you less creditworthy in the future.

Why You Should Speak with a Debt Relief Attorney

The cost of hiring an attorney is something that you likely do not want to think about when addressing unpaid debt.  After all, if you have unpaid debt, it may be difficult for you to come up with the money to pay an attorney for his or her services.  However, a reasonable Kansas City Debt Relief Attorney will find a way to work with each client’s individual financial circumstances to ensure that each client’s goals are being reached and the cost for the attorney’s services are well within reason.  Having an attorney by your side to walk you through the debt-elimination process is essential to ensuring you are making the best economic decisions possible to reduce the amount of harm that may be done to your credit report and credit score.  With the help of an attorney, you can stop harassing collection activities and find a way to manage and/or eliminate your debt in a way that will allow you to start fresh and learn to manage your debt more efficiently in the future.

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Receiving notice that an unpaid bill has been sent to collections can feel devastating when you are already facing a significant amount of debt.  While an unpaid bill can have a negative impact on your credit score, and may show up on your credit report, it is still important to remember that you have options available to you to take charge of your debt and stop collection activities.  Whether you believe bankruptcy is right for you, or perhaps some other means of managing or eliminating debt might be right for you, it is essential that you seek the advice of a qualified Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney who will provide you with the individualized plan you need to stop collection activities, eliminate your debt, and learn to avoid collections in the future.  Douglas Breyfogle is a Kansas City Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Attorney with more than twenty years of experience helping Kansas City consumers just like you.  If you would like to schedule a free confidential consultation with Douglas Breyfogle, contact us today by calling (913) 742-8700.