At lunch, a friend informs you that he or she is trying to lose weight. Your friend even tells you the strategies he or she is using to reach his or her goal. Weight loss or physical fitness is a topic many people often feel comfortable discussing with friends and family members. Unfortunately, many of those same people would not feel as comfortable discussing their goals in terms of getting out of debt or to improve their finances. While this is true, this does not mean that these two things these things are all that different.

Yes, at first blush paying off debt and losing weight may seem to be two completely different animals. However, these two things actually have a lot in common. The biggest similarity is that the strategies people employ to lose weight can also be applied to eliminating debt. For example, think of paying down debt like you would losing weight. Instead of trying to lose 25 pounds you are trying to pay off $25,000 in credit card or other debt. Still not convinced? The following are some of the ways you can use your familiarity with weight loss to lose your debt:

  1. Fix bad habits: Debt, like those few extra pounds, did not just appear suddenly and out of the blue. In fact, most often it starts off innocently enough, like using a credit card for a purchase you do have the cash to purchase. For many people, using a credit card is like eating potato chips—it is difficult to know to stop after just one. So your first step should be to review your spending history (much like a food log) to determine where your bad habits lie.
  1. No fad diets: Celebrity or fad diets do not work. Neither do diets that are too restrictive. The same is true for debt reduction. Just like diet and exercise are a great solution for weight loss, debt reduction has a tried and true method as well—spend less and make more money. In other words, find ways to save money and increase your income. Best part—it does not have to painful! Opt for walking instead of a pricey gym membership and brown bag your lunch a few days a week rather than eating lunch out. Sometimes simple changes can have a big impact, especially in the long run.
  1. Slow and steady wins the race: You did not accumulate the debt overnight and you are not going to lose it overnight either. Just like weight loss, getting out of debt will take some time. That is why the key is to stick to your budget. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!
  1. Know when to seek help: Losing 5 or 10 pounds may take work, but for most people it is a reachable goal. However, a much larger goal may require more than just extra effort—you may need to seek the advice of a doctor or personal trainer. This same advice holds true for getting out of debt. If your debts are too large to budget your way out of, then it is vital to seek help. An attorney that focuses his or her practice on bankruptcy and debt-relief can review your financial situation and work with you to develop an individualized plan to get you out of debt.

If the amount of your debt is too much to pay down or you have questions about finding a solution to tackle your financial woes, it is time to speak with a Kansas City Debt-Relief Lawyer.  For more than two decades attorney Douglas Breyfogle has helped numerous clients become debt free. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with Douglas Breyfogle, contact our office at (913) 742-8700 today. By working with an experienced Kansas City Bankruptcy and Debt-Relief Attorney, you will quickly find yourself on the path towards financial freedom.